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Who doesn’t like a tasty treat or delightful drink now and then? Humans are remarkable for the incredible variety in our diet. Unfortunately, some of those choices aren’t particularly great for our teeth. Here are four beverages you might have every day that can cause damage to your dental health.

Coffee – Many people have trouble functioning like normal without a strong cup of joe in the morning. But if it is taken on the run, particles of that coffee can be in the mouth and around the teeth all day. Coffee causes stains on teeth, and, as with any food or drink, can contribute to tooth decay if not rinsed from the mouth.

Tea – If you prefer tea to coffee, don’t think you’re out of the woods. Tea can actually cause worse stains than coffee, and can also wear away enamel.

Wine – It might not be surprising that red wine can easily cause tooth staining. But white wine also comes with its hazards. All wine is acidic, but white wine is particularly so. Acid eats away at tooth enamel, and teeth with weakened or eroded enamel stain more easily.

Sports drinks – Some sports drinks are really no different in acidity and sugar content than sodas. But where you often drink soda with other foods, a sports drink during a workout is alone in the mouth with your teeth for long periods. Try water during your next workout.

These and other potentially hazardous foods and drinks can all be enjoyed, but be sure to clean your mouth effectively afterward to prevent staining and decay. To learn more and start on your new oral hygiene routine, call Oceanview Dental at our Oceanside, CA, office today.