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Young Girl Holding Up a Basketful of CandyEaster is the second largest candy buying holiday in America, after Halloween. Between coloring eggs, egg hunting, and Easter bunny meet-and-greets, children often gorge themselves on candy from their Easter baskets. While we don’t think any child should be deprived of any great Easter tradition, we do want to make you aware of healthier options to put in those baskets!

Rather than gooey jelly beans that can stick to the teeth and cause decay, try sugar-free lollipops or hard candies instead. Rather than milk chocolate treats that contain high amounts of sugar and can cause cavities, opt for a dark chocolate treat high in antioxidants.

And even if you do allow your kids a few sticky jelly beans (we know, things happen), simply remember to have your little bunnies brush and floss as soon as possible after the indulgence to ensure good oral health!