Nitrous Oxide: More Than Just A Good Laugh

Do you have anxiety when you undergo dental procedures? Some individuals dread going to the dentist and can’t relax while they are there. If you have these feelings, you may want to talk to your dentist about using nitrous oxide when undergoing dental procedures. Your dentist will answer any questions you have, but learn more… Read more »

What Can Stain Your Smile?

White teeth can signify a healthy smile. However, few people have perfectly white teeth, in fact, some may have discolored ones. Here are a few of the things that can stain your smile. Age Teeth usually darken as you age. This is because tooth enamel becomes thinner over time, showing more of the yellowish dentin… Read more »

Five Dental Terms That Everybody Should Know

In our experience, people don’t give much thought to their dental health, unless there’s a cosmetic concern or they’re in pain. Here at , our ambition is to help our patients preserve their smiles by maintaining excellent oral health. Sometimes practicing great oral hygiene is simply a matter of having a better understanding of it…. Read more »

Do Tooth Worms Really Exist?

Yikes! What in the world is a “tooth worm”? Luckily, tooth worms are in the same animal kingdom as unicorns, dragons and *snipes: Tooth worms have never existed. But anciently, dating back as far as 5,000 B.C., people believed the false notion that the unmistakable pain that we now recognize as a toothache was caused… Read more »

My Child Has a Loose Tooth

Do you remember when you lost your first tooth? Were you nervous or were you excited? Although losing a tooth may not seem like a huge deal to adults, it is often an important moment in a child’s life. Losing the first tooth is a big milestone and children react in many different ways. If… Read more »

Treating Cold Sores and Canker Sores

How Can I Treat Cold Sores and Canker Sores? Cold sores, fever blisters, and canker sores can all be annoying and painful, and it seems like they take forever to disappear. If you have suffered from any of these pestering lesions, we are excited to introduce you to a new solution we offer at Oceanview… Read more »

What is CEREC Dentistry?

At Oceanview Dental, we know that nobody enjoys going to the dentist more than necessary. CEREC is an exciting technology that is convenient for our patients because it allows Dr. Hargas to create high quality tooth restorations in just a single visit. The time it takes for a crown, bridge, or veneers to be created… Read more »

Better Easter Treats for Oral Health

Easter is the second largest candy buying holiday in America, after Halloween. Between coloring eggs, egg hunting, and Easter bunny meet-and-greets, children often gorge themselves on candy from their Easter baskets. While we don’t think any child should be deprived of any great Easter tradition, we do want to make you aware of healthier options… Read more »