The chewing surfaces of your back teeth, generally referred to as your molars and premolars, have deep grooves called pits and fissures. Because these areas are hard to clean by brushing and flossing, the molars and premolars are especially prone to decay. Sealants are thin, plastic coatings painted onto the pits and fissures to prevent decay and make the surface of your teeth easier to clean. Sealants in Oceanside, California are applied in just a couple minutes per tooth! Although each treatment will depend upon your individual needs, a member of our expert dental team generally will:

  • First, clean and dry your tooth
  • Apply a gentle solution to create an easier bond
  • Rinse and dry the tooth again
  • Paint on the dental sealant, which directly bonds and hardens on the tooth

At Oceanview Dental, our talented dentists and team use sealants to protect your teeth and ensure your smile is functional for a lifetime. The health of your smile is very important to our entire dental team and we work hard to determine which treatments will work best for you. We invite you to contact our dental office today to learn more about sealants. We look forward to caring for your smile!