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Fluoride. You see it in toothpastes, the water supply, and as a treatment at your dental office. You may even know that it helps to improve dental health, but do you know how it does so? Keep reading to learn more about the many benefits fluoride provides when strengthening your smile.

Fluoride For Children

If you live in area where fluoride is not added to the public water system, then your dentist may recommend having your children take fluoride tablets. Why? Because kids need fluoride in order to grow strong, cavity-resistant permanent teeth. These teeth will be developing in their jaw bones, and the fluoride that children ingest will be used to make the hard enamel tissues that surround teeth as strong as possible.

Fluoride For Adults

Even though adults already have their teeth erupted, they can still experience the benefits of fluoride. The plaque bacteria in your mouth eats away at tooth enamel, but saliva brings in phosphorus and calcium that remineralize this tissue. If fluoride is also brought in the mouth (whether through topical application or systemic ingestion), then this process becomes even more effective because the minerals will be harder.

Feel free to call our dental team to learn more about how fluoride can give you a stronger, healthier smile.