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Do you know how to prevent cavities from forming? Cavities are the result of enamel erosion, which allows bacteria to burrow holes in your teeth. Although your tooth enamel is an extremely strong protective outer layer of your teeth, it can be damaged when plaque and harmful acids build up around it. If a cavity is left unchecked, your tooth’s pulp can become exposed to infection and decay, which in severe cases can lead to tooth loss. Here are some pointers in preventing them from forming:

-The best form of cavity protection is to brush twice daily and floss once every day.

-When choosing a toothbrush and dental floss, use products recommended by your dentist or with the ADA Seal of Acceptance on the packaging.

-Avoid sticky and starchy foods and drinks. These can linger in your mouth long after consumption, damaging your teeth and gums.

-Try using dental cleaners after meals like mouthwash.

-Remember to always attend your scheduled dental checkups so that Dr. Jordan Colby and our expert dental team can give your teeth a deep cleaning and check your smile for cavities.

– Avoid sugars and acidic foods. Also, stick to a balanced healthy diet, including foods that have a high water content.

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